Burglary alarm system and detection


Access control is part of a security system that restricts access and flow of people based on the security priority of the facility. Access control is often integrated with the attendance system and video surveillance system into a single corporate security system. One important function of access control is to identify the movement of users, with the ability to store employee data, access points and times.

At the entrance to the system, as a rule, there is a card reader that, based on the readings, identifies the cardholder and decides on the granting of access, based on the level of access rights previously defined. Card readers are usually associated with various types of locks, doors or ramps. It is common for access control to be used as a function of a lower level of control, where there is a large fluctuation of personnel in the area of lower security priority to the area of higher security priority. The great advantage of installing an access control system is that it is a good starting point for building an integrated corporate security system.

To detect tampering with objects infrared motion detectors and magnetic contacts are installed to monitor the door or window openings. 

The burglar alarm and detection system can be integrated with access control and opening hours systems.

The systems have specially designed burglar alarm systems.

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