The fire protection system includes a set of measures and actions for planning, financing, organizing, implementing and controlling fire protection measures and actions, for preventing the outbreak and spread of fires, detecting and extinguishing fires, saving people and property, protecting the environment, identifying and eliminating causes of fire, as well as to assist in the elimination of the consequences of fire.

Fire protection is achieved by:

1) Organizing and preparing fire protection entities for the implementation of fire protection;
2) providing conditions for the implementation of fire protection;
3) taking measures and actions for the protection and rescue of people, material goods and the environment in the event of a fire;
4) monitoring the implementation of fire protection measures.

We stand at your disposal and work with full commitment and professionalism to ensure that you, our customers, are satisfied with our service and have a safe environment. You will gain top-level expertise, a systematic approach that always begins with a thorough analysis of needs at the organizational, team and individual levels.


Our company wants your facilities, business premises and most importantly, your employees and the environment, to be safe and protected from fire.  

The main fire protection design is an integral part of the technical documentation for the construction, upgrading and reconstruction of facilities with all associated installations, equipment and devices.

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