Switchgear 400/220/110/35 / X kV

Switchgear or substation is part of the system for generation, transmission and distribution of electricity.

A: The primary side

1. Primary side transmission line

2. Protective conduit

3. Overhead line

4. Voltage transformer 


6. Switch 


B: Secondary side

7.Current transformer

 8.A surge arrester

9. Power transformer

10. Control building

11. Protective fence

12. Secondary side transmission line

The switchgear may be owned and operated by a power company, or may be owned by large industrial or commercial customers. Switchgears are largely unattended, and rely on SCADA sisteme za daljinski nadzor i upravljanje.

400/ x kV

220/ x kV

110/ x kV

35/ x kV

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