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Architectual and construction installations

Final architectural and civil designs with related installations

Gradski stadion u Plandištu

Uređenje i dogradnja gradskog stadiona u Plandištu - 2015.

Central streets of Plandiste - 2014.

Reconstruction of the central streets of Plandište - 2014.

Health and Recreation Center "Plandiste"

Health and Recreation Center "Plandiste" in Plandiste - 2014.

Power substation 35/10kV „Kalište"

Power substation 35/10kV "Kalište" in Kalište - 2013

Technical center

Technical center on the E-80 Highway, "Nis - Dimitrovgrad" - 2011.

"Elektromorava" Pozarevac - Adaptation

Adaptation of facades and roof structures of "Elektromorava" Pozarevac – 2011.

Power substation 35/10kV N. Beograd

Readjustment of the power substations 35/10kV in Novi Beograd – 2010.

"Elektromorava" Pozarevac - Entrance hall

Entrance hall of "Elektromorava" Pozarevac – 2009.

Residential building Vl. Gortana st.

Residential building in Belgrade, 11, Vladimira Gortana street – 2009.

Reconstruction of the attic

Reconstruction of the attic in Belgrade, 3, Mese Selimovica street - 2008.

Power substation 35/10kV „Rabrovo“

Power substation 35/10kV "Rabrovo" in Rabrovo – 2008.

Power substation 10/0,4kV N. Beograd

Power substation 10/0,4kV in „Blok 37“, Novi Beograd, Final design – 2007.

Villa Fontana

Hotel "Villa Fontana" in Canj, Montenegro – 2007.

Competition and art solutions and General designs

The fountain of monastery Tuman

The fountain in the garden of the monastery Tuman in Golubac – 2013.

Garden in Dusko Radovic street

Garden decoration in Belgrade - 2013.

"Assicurazioni Generali" palace, 35 Terazije St. - in progress

Decorative lighting design of the building, 35 Terazije street in Belgrade - 2012.

"Stari DIF" - in progress

Decorative lighting design of the "Stari DIF", Deligradska street, Belgrade - 2012

„Pobednik“ Monument Belgrade

Decorative lighting design of "Kalemegdan" in Belgrade – 2011.

Main Post Office in Belgrade

Artistic decorative lighting solution of the Main Post Office in Belgrade, 2, Takovska street – 2011.

Park and a piazza in Pozarevac

Urban solution of a park and a piazza in Pozarevac – 2011.

„Kalenic“ market in Belgrade

Architectural Competition design for redesign of the „Kalenic“ market in Belgrade, award-winning solutions – 2009.

Hotel "Tatarstan"

Upgrading the hotel "Tatarstan" in Kazanj, Russia – 2008.

Interior design

Art studio "Alter"

Interior of the art studio "Alter", Belgrade - 2013.

Apartment in Belgrade

The interior of housing units in Belgrade - 2012.

Dispatching center of "Elektromorava"

Interior design of the dispatching center of "Elektromorava" Pozarevac – 2010

"Elektromorava" Pozarevac

Entrance hall of "Elektromorava" Pozarevac – 2009.

Cultural Centre in Kostolac

Interior of the hall and extension of the Cultural Centre in Kostolac – 2008

„Club Alternativa“

Interior design of „Club Alternativa“, Belgrade – 2007.