Optical communication infrastructure

Optical cables are used in telecommunications to transmit signals and data over long distances. Transmission medium is optical fiber, and information is transmitted through light. 

 In Serbia, fiber optic cables with capacities from 6 to 240 optical fibers are used the most. At the entrance of the optical fiber, the electrical signal is converted to light by a light or laser diode, and at reception it is converted again to an electrical signal by a photodiode.


Fiber optic cable division:

  1. Monomode (singlemode-SMF), thinner and allow one beam of light to spread.
  2.  Multimode (multimode-IMF), thicker and allow more air to flow from different sources.

Advantages of optical cables are:

Their far smaller dimensions than copper cables, the ability to transmit large amounts of information, a slight attenuation of the signal allowing up to 200 km without signal amplification, less weight per meter, easier laying both in the ground and under water, on poles or overhead power lines all lower price insensitivity to electrical interference, water, low and high temperatures.Optički kablovi su jedino osetljivi na radioaktivno zračenje.


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  • Project for implementation of protection and relocation of DV35kV, highway, Nis-Dimitrovgrad, sector 8, Dimitrovgrad bypass;
  • Preliminary design for protection and reconstruction of the existing TK lines at the External Trunk Tangent - Belgrade, 2008.
  • Main design for protection and relocation of existing TC lines, Belgrade bypasses E-70 / E-75, Orlovača loop, 2008.
  • Main design of traffic flow management and control system, Republika Srpska highways, section: Gradiška, Banjaluka, 2014;
  • Design of the completed facility protection and relocation of transmission lines, highway E-763 Belgrade-Adriatic, 2017;
  • Changes to the main design of SIGP protection and displacement of 1kV and 10kV, E-80 Nis-Dimitrovgrad highway, section 8: Dimitrovgrad tour, 2017;

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